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Maximal Strategist is a product management software — the first and only online decision engine designed to provide enterprise-wide strategic insights into your product portfolio. Orchestrate your product management better with an easy-to-use, single web platform providing real-time insights.



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Maximal Strategist helps your product managers move from isolated decision-making to enterprise-wide strategy development. This online tool steps your team through the gathering and assessment of all vital data points — product, financial, industry and markets, uncovering unmet customer needs that drive product decisions.

Anticipate product lifecycle management activities based on the impact product strategies have on your entire product portfolio. No longer worry about intellectual property walking out the door with product managers. No longer rely on the uncertain capabilities of individual employees.

Maximal Strategist provides the structured step-by-step discipline to gather product data, financial performance and market information and the smarts to point to product strategies which need developed.

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Maximal Strategist software removes the GAPS typically associated with product management. Help your product managers be more effective in the areas of planning, strategy and marketing.

With the Maximal Strategist software you can effectively manage your product portfolio lifecycle by connecting data and streamlining collaboration. Identifying management gaps allows you to pull the right strategic lever to make the most of your portfolio's marketing mix.


Make your product managers better by providing them a single TOOL and a single step-by-step PROCESS for gathering product data, financial performance and market insights.


Keep YOUR product portfolio data in a single, always-accessible, secure location.


Leverage your COMPLETE product portfolio with a disciplined approach to strategy development.


Ensure the success of your product managers as they turn big data into MEANINGFUL product decisions.


See STANDARDIZED product plans, charts and graphs.

A Comprehensive Solution

For A Complex Role

Starting at $149 mo./user, Maximal Strategist is the only all-in-one software for effective product management. No more disparate tools, software, spreadsheets, and presentation templates. No more information stored in myriad locations with version control issues.

This common framework aligns your team with a single tool that provides complete transparency into your marketing, strategy and planning functions. With an organized, easy-to-use interface, product managers will capture key aspects designed to make disciplined product management decisions while saving guesswork, time and valuable resources.

From analyzing existing and adjacent markets to identifying the need for new products and existing product enhancements, Maximal Strategist is the first easy-to-use, single platform, comprehensive product management software.


Move your team from the conference room to the marketplace. Maximal Strategist focuses your product managers on the critical unmet needs of the customer by helping them gather actionable market data. Put them in a better position to bring products to market based on competitive advantage.


Think beyond roadmapping spreadsheets, new product development decks and planning templates. Maximal Strategist will discipline your product managers to use market-driven information to guide portfolio decisions. What-if scenarios will focus your team on strategies that address mid-range needs and long-term trends in the market


Predict product growth and performance prior to development. Maximal Strategist will help your product managers determine where products are going based on technology, and where markets are headed by segment. Real-time data will provide you with a consistent and constant eye on the long-term. Automated reporting places the right data and strategies in front of you to make better informed and more timely decisions.

Maximal Strategist is the first comprehensive product management software designed by product managers for business leaders.

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What companies are saying about Maximal Strategist

"The Maximal SaaS product planning solution is a valuable tool to help guide teams through the product planning process. It provides a consistent, yet flexible, framework that drives the right thought process and leads marketing professionals to answer the tough questions necessary to develop solid product strategies. It also serves as a repository that is easy to access, find information and maintain. For management, the executive summary dashboard and reporting are outstanding."

What companies are saying about Maximal Strategist

"Product Management — when done well — is a challenging balance of many different inputs and perspectives. While working Maximal’s Strategist, we have experienced a richer depth of engagement in our Product Management work. The linkage of disparate but critical decision-impacting information has changed the way we not only do our work but the way we think about our products and customers."

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